Master of metals

Eric Ferber has the soul of an artist: he has the metal in the heart and puts his sculptures in the service of the Art!
Child already, he often took refuge with a former nearby forge to observe the craftsman in the work. "And then, he let me experiment by teaching me gestures." From then on, a real vocation and a subsequent learning in the metalwork will introduce him to basic techniques. Years of experience will forge its skills and his know-how.
However, the metalwork was only a Trojan horse because its real passion was more centred on the metal art. He thus abandoned, one time his job to dedicate itself to other horizons but, nostalgic, he returned to his "metallic" loves by setting up his/her own business, at first, as craftsman.

Hardly of his skills and his past experience, he seduced numerous landscape architects by his enthusiasm and his reactivity; they confided him more and more complex projects but leaving however free court with its creativity. So, its know-how and its control of the material he made spread the artist who slumbered for a long time in him. His sculptures, in the vertiginous curves, inspired by Japanese kanji, or by the philosophy of the lights, of faces, lamps… all his works have something unique. Their functional or purely esthetic design does not leave unmoved and urges him to experiment ceaselessly new forms. His vocation to shape the material was a determining and revealing factor of its creative passion.

His materials of preference are the aluminum and the stainless steel but especially the corten steel. His contemporary, often design works take up a little with the classic art due to the sobriety of their shape, their size and their esthetic beauty. The calculation of the proportions of most of its works is also determined by the golden section in reference to the antique art.

Eric Ferber is an artist who has a hypersensitive sensibility. Even in the most functional realizations of ironworks, he becomes attached to an accurate work to transcend the material to make it oeuvres of art. The object is soaked with the work and with the know-how of the creator. So, for example, after hours of sanding, the aluminum will look like to be mistaken in some resin even in some leather there and the uncluttered lines of aspect will give to its work a character all the more sophisticated.

Experienced professional, he is also a virtuoso of his creations.

The spirit which livens up the artist consists in putting in the service of the art all its creativity, its technical knowledge, its skills and its know-how. In that respect, his initiative approaches the conception of the Bauhaus, the precursor of the contemporary design, which combines art and technology, artist and craftsman, creation and skill. Walter Gropius, in his manifesto of the Bauhaus, announced, one century ago, the vocation of his school in these terms: "architects, sculptors, painters; we have to all return to the craft work, because there is no professional art. There is no essential difference between the artist and the craftsman. Let us want, let us conceive and let us create together, in a single shape…" This school, in which of big artists such as Vassily Kandinsky (painter and theorist of the art), Paul Klee or Marcel Breuer (architect and designer) adhered, was known for its realizations regarding architecture, but also exercised a strong influence on the plastic arts, through the everyday objects which it sculptured. So from 1920, every workshop is placed under the care of master craftsman and artist (master of the shape), the creation being a fusion both. Fusion of which Eric Ferber was always conscious …

The sculptures of this artist decorate as well the urban spaces as the gardens of the private individuals which try to ally art and nature in the lineage of the tradition of the XVIIIth century.
Referenced Workshop of art of France, Eric Ferber created and opened in 2014 a Garden of the Sculpture and the showroom to Henriville in whom it exposes its works in a permanent way, besides the numerous exhibitions outside. Other artists also regularly perform there.

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